Empowering districts with tailored
strategic planning solutions.

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The difference is in the process.

Our unique LSTEP approach is customized to your district’s strategic planning needs.

Our stakeholder-driven process helps produce a blueprint for your district as well as a powerful communication tool for your community.

Whether you are creating an initial strategic plan or updating an existing strategic plan, we can help ensure it aligns to your district goals and enhances your district’s mission.

LEAN Frog Strategic Planning - Blueprint for Success

We can help your team with all aspects of strategic planning.

  • Our process helps you understand your stakeholders’ perceptions of your school district and understand. their priorities.
  • Our process helps you meet accreditation requirements for community engagement.
  • We work with your team to develop and implement a community engagement plan to provide all sectors with an opportunity to share structured input.
  • We emphasize consistent creation of value to your students, staff, and community.
  • We help your team analyze stakeholder input to identify a series of feasible, implementable goals that will move the needle for your students.
  • Our team understands public education and we know what works to drive academic excellence and financial stewardship.
  • We help you develop a plan that prioritizes future resources and spending, prepares for challenges and opportunities, and provides long-term sustainability.
  • Our process promotes the continuous engagement of your team, so all stakeholders understand what success looks like and their role in achieving success.
  • We help develop action plans, timelines, and clearly articulated key performance indicators so everyone can see progress and when adjustments need to be made.

Are you preparing to meet the needs of your stakeholders 5 to 10 years from now?

Comprehensive & Participatory

Comprehensive and Participatory Strategic Planning Solution

We emphasize group facilitation and consensus building which helps districts meet accreditation requirements resulting in a strategic plan that aligns to your system’s culture and identifies the underlying principles on which decisions should be made.

LEAN Frog - Skilled Facilitators and Analysis Strategic Planning Solution

Skilled Facilitation & Analysis

Our facilitators have been trained on Lean Six Sigma methodologies to quickly analyze data and indentify improvement opportunities. We help you keep the strategic planning process on track, on time, and on budget.

Commitment to K12 Public Education

Commitment to K12 Public Education Strategic Planning Solution

Focused solely on schools, we can provide comprehensive district-wide strategic plans or strategic plans for specific departments or initiatives. We can help your district develop the big picture of where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

From Our Clients

Wayne Vickers LEAN Frog Testimonial Photo

Dr. Wayne Vickers, Superintendent
Alabaster City Schools, Alabama

Our work with LEAN Frog has continually improved our system’s effectiveness and efficiency. Their understanding of instructional and non-instructional requirements, community dynamics, best practices, and practical solutions have been a tremendous help in the formation and implementation of our system’s strategic plan. Their facilitation of the planning process and stakeholder engagement was professional, timely, and exactly what we needed to move us toward our goals. They have worked shoulder to shoulder with my staff at all levels to ensure improvements are well-understood and sustainable.

Lisa Witt, Chief Financial Officer
Russellville City Schools, Alabama

Working with LEAN Frog has been a productive experience for our management team. Their staff was professional, focused, and a pleasure to work with. They guided us through meaningful conversations that have led to a newly defined mission and specific action steps to get there.
Lisa Witt - LEAN Frog Strategic Planning Testimonial - Russellville City Schools
Deanna Hollimon - LEAN Frog Consulting Strategic Planning Testimonial Russellville Alabama

Deanna Hollimon, Principal
West Elementary School, Russellville City Schools, Alabama

It has been my pleasure to work with Mary and the LEAN Frog organization. The guidance and assistance that LEAN Frog offered while assisting our school system in developing a five year strategic plan made the process meaningful and almost effortless.


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