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About LEAN Frog Consulting Services

LEAN Frog’s education consulting team brings a deep understanding of the challenges facing education today and a proven track record of delivering results. We are more than just seasoned education professionals. We employ a comprehensive approach combining traditional and innovative development tactics with a proven strategy that incorporates Lean Six Sigma methods in public education.

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Results include improved collaboration, reduced costs, and increased value for students, staff and communities.

About LEAN Frog Consulting Services

Be prepared to meet the current and future needs of your students and staff

Cost-effectively manage your non-instructional operations and increase your resources

Support your ability to attract and retain a motivated, high performing staff

Improve synergy, accountability, workflow and resource alignment across your District.

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Why Choose Us?

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197 million dollars moved back to classrooms

Our solutions help clients increase the resources available for reinvestment into classrooms.

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We have helped school districts identify unnecessary processes to streamline operations.

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628,000 students impacted

We pioneer innovative approaches and new technology to enhance the lives of students every day.

LEAP to the head of the class with LEAN Frog – your partner in innovative solutions for efficient, effective, and data-driven decision-making.

From Our Clients

Mike Daria Tuscaloosa City Schools Testimonial for LEAN Frog Consulting

Mike Daria, Ed.D., Superintendent
Tuscaloosa City Schools, Alabama

LEAN Frog has a unique set of skills and deep knowledge of operations that allows them to analyze what we are doing and provide meaningful and results-based solutions. . . We remain very impressed.  The depth of understanding by LEAN Frog is incredible.  This is the service that education has needed for a long time.

Corby King, Director of Schools
Putnam County School System

It was a pleasure to work with LEAN Frog from beginning to end. Their associates have a true knowledge of compensation and organizational reviews that delivers real results. The advisement and solutions were incredibly helpful, and they offered a plan that would be both beneficial for the district and employees. I would not hesitate to recommend them to an organization in need of their services.

Corby King Putnam County Schools Testimonial for LEAN Frog Consulting
Barbara Burke West Baton Rouge Parish Testimonial for LEAN Frog Consulting

Barbara Burke, pHCLE, Director of Human Resources and Staff Development
West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Reviewing compensation data and developing salary schedules can be an exhausting, time-consuming process, especially when you wear many HR hats day to day.  I am thankful we had a trusted partner like LEAN Frog to work with us throughout the process.  Their knowledge of and experience with school district compensation (e.g., reviewing positions and market data; determining equity value; developing schedules, cost projections, and communications), was just what we needed to make good, informed decisions with confidence.

Patrick Patterson, Director of Secondary Education
Morgan County Schools, Alabama

I had the opportunity to collaborate with LEAN Frog in the creation of a Strategic Plan for Morgan County Schools. I found their personnel to be knowledgeable, flexible, and easy to work with. Lean Frog facilitated many work sessions with our staff, which included a variety of diverse backgrounds. Lean Frog demonstrated the ability to meet each of our committee members at their level of knowledge and skill and provide a vehicle for each member to feel valued and to provide input into the vision of our school system. I would definitely recommend allowing LEAN Frog to assist in your planning process.

Patrick Patterson Morgan County Schools Testimonial for LEAN Frog Consulting


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