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Need help making compensation more competitive?

Compensation satisfaction represents an important construct in determining employees’ job satisfaction.

In today’s world, school district are experiencing difficulty retaining employees and are finding more competition when it comes to attracting new staff members, from teachers to lunchroom staff to bus drivers.

We are 100% focused on school compensation and have special expertise in this area. Additionally, we have helped schools throughout the southeast develop attractive compensation programs.

LEAN Frog Compensation Study Job Satisfaction

What can a compensation study accomplish for your school district?

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and compensation is a major player in attracting the best and brightest of employees. Choosing a proper pay scale that is strategically aligned with, or in some cases better than, your competition gives you an edge to attract desired staff during today’s tough times.

Once you have secured top talent, you want to keep them. To do so, you need to keep a handle on the compensation market/peers vis-a-vis job positions. Employees expect to be paid in alignment with the prevailing market/peer salaries. If you fail to do so, they may choose another school district or may leave for local non-education jobs.

Having a well-defined structure in place to guide how job offers are made and the salary offered is important. The same is true when making promotions. A good compensation study serves as a source to ensure ongoing internal equity when it comes time to make and communicate compensation decisions. Maintain transparency while staying consistent and current.

While there’s a growing volume of free compensation data on the internet and some school districts may publish certain salary schedules online, hopping from website to website trying to find the information and cobble it together is a time-consuming process and often inaccurate. A compensation study will allow you to make fairer decisions and manage resources more wisely.

Why should you conduct a compensation study?

Salary Compensation Study - LEAN Frog Consulting

Align compensation with district goals

Examine how compensation structure compares to the current labor market and peer districts

Identify opportunities for more competitive compensation strategies

From Our Clients

David Alexander - Ascension Public School Louisiana - LEAN Frog Compensation Studies

David Alexander, Superintendent
Ascension Public Schools, Louisiana

LEAN Frog does a phenomenal job with compensation. There is no smoke and mirrors. They give you the facts and they put them in a very clear package, so you can make an informed decision.

Corby King, Director of Schools
Putnam County School District, Tennessee

It was a pleasure to work with LEAN Frog from beginning to end. Their associates have a true knowledge of compensation and organizational review that delivers real results. The advisement and solutions were incredibly helpful, and they offered a plan that would be both beneficial for the district and employees. I would not hesitate to recommend them to an organization in need of their services.

Corby King Putnam County School District Tennessee - LEAN Frog Compensation Study
Jason Fountain - LEAN Frog Consulting - Compensation Study Testimonial

Jason Fountain, Superintendent
Central Community School System, Louisiana

I cannot speak highly enough about LEAN Frog and their exceptional services. Our school system recently collaborated with them for an organizational review and compensation study, and the experience was truly remarkable. It was evident from the start that LEAN Frog has a genuine passion for education, which translated into their meticulous work. They were not only easy to work with, but also incredibly responsive and receptive to our feedback throughout the process. Their professionalism and dedication were truly commendable. Working with LEAN Frog was an absolute pleasure, and I highly recommend their services to any educational institution seeking outstanding support and expertise.


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