Build organizational structure to
best support students and staff.

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We help school systems maximize their limited resources to fully support and create value-add experiences for students and staff.

Organizational Structure

We examine the current organizational structure system-wide and can include an assessment of job description and classifications.

Communication Channels

We review the district’s communications channels to ensure optimal usage and suggest potentially more effective alternatives.


We conduct a comprehensive examination of workflows in order to pinpoint inefficiencies and uncover potential avenues for improvement and better organization.

Processes & Performance

We analyze and evaluate processes with a focus on enhancing performance measures to drive improvements and achieve a higher degree of efficiency within the district.

Create a synergistic culture that benefits ALL stakeholders.


More Efficient

Optimally Aligned

LEAN Frog’s assessment of our Central Office academic and operational functions was both thorough and practical. We were able to immediately realize cost savings and revenue enhancements as a result of their analysis. They have been one of the most responsive organizations with which we have worked. They kept me, our staff, and our board informed every step of the way.
Warren Drake - LEAN Frog Consulting Organizational Review Testimonial
Warren Drake
Superintendent, Baton Rouge Parish Schools (2015-2020)

Synergistic Culture

Foster a culture that promotes accountability, efficient workflows, and optimal resource alignment.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Ensure students, staff, and stakeholders experience value-added benefits from our organizational reviews.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Achieve alignment with strategic objectives through our comprehensive assessment of your district’s organizational structure.

Improved Collaboration

Enhance collaboration among departments and programs to maximize resource utilization.

Organizational Alignment

Our reviews provide detailed plans for achieving optimal organizational alignment.

Actionable Improvements

Receive actionable insights and recommendations for enhancing your organizational effectiveness.

What will you get out of our Organizational Review?

Organizational Reviews can be customized for your district's needs.

Our standard organizational review encompasses an in-depth assessment of Central Office organizational structures. However, our customized solutions extend far beyond this scope. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, which may include analyzing job duties, evaluating staffing levels, conducting core process reviews for various departments or functional areas, updating job descriptions, and developing performance evaluation processes. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and flexible solution that addresses the unique challenges and goals of your organization, ensuring you receive actionable insights and recommendations for improvement across the board.

Organizational Review

Baseline/Standard Project

  • Current organizational structure review
  • Communication channel review
  • District focus area review
  • Process review
  • Policy review
  • Effectiveness review
  • Interviews and observations
  • State, local, and national comparisons


Based on District Needs

  • Job responsibility reviews
  • Staffing levels
  • Core process reviews for departments/functional areas
  • Job description reviews/updates
  • Performance evaluation development
  • Detailed Efficiency Reviews
  • Salary & Compensation Studies


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