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LEAN Frog has a unique set of skills and deep knowledge of operations that allows them to analyze what we are doing and provide meaningful and results-based solutions...We remain very impressed. The depth of understanding by LEAN Frog is incredible. This is the service education has needed for a long time.
Mike Daria Tuscaloosa City Schools Testimonial for LEAN Frog Consulting
Dr. Mike Daria
Superintendent, Tuscaloosa City Schools

Cost-Effectively Manage Your
Non-Instructional Programs

Save Money and Return Funds to the Classroom

Achieve Operational Excellence

Better Serve Students, Staff & Community

What is a Detailed Efficiency Review?

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In-Depth Departmental Review

We take a deep-dive into one or more of your departments.

Analysis and Observation

A detailed efficiency review involves the analysis of provided data, interviews with administrators and staff, and onsite observation of work processes as they occur.

Results-Focused Findings

We provide commendations and a high-level improvement plan to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your departments(s).

Aligns to Strategic Plan & Mission

Our detailed efficiency review will help your district become more strategic in the utilization of district resources and operations without a loss in quality of service delivery.

Continuous Improvement Starts Here

Save Money

Our detailed efficiency reviews are a cost-effective way to manage your non-instructional operations and increase resources available for reinvestment into the classroom.

$ 108 Million +

Money saved by public education school systems through our detailed efficiency review process.
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Lean Six Sigma Approach

We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing education today – and we have a proven track record of delivering results. Using our innovative ASSESS, IMPROVE, and SUSTAIN cycle, we work to fully engage school employees to achieve buy-in and build a culture of continuous improvement.

Our process helps schools provide more value
to students, parents and communities
every day.

Impact Students

Identifying and addressing inefficiencies in operations is the first step in reinvesting money back into classrooms which directly impacts students and delivery of services.

560,000 +

The number of students positively impacted through their district’s detailed efficiency reviews.
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