LEAN Frog Helps Madison City Schools Find More Hours per Week Through Improved Efficiencies

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Madison City Schools Logo“LEAN Frog’s Value Steam Mapping has allowed Madison City Schools to improve communication, teamwork and productivity by streamlining our hiring process and creating new excitement in the way we do things! They teach you techniques needed to be successful along the way! Great product and an even greater investment!!!” John Jones, Personnel & Title IX Coordinator, Madison City Schools
Voted as
one of the top 1500 Public School Systems in the nation by Newsweek Magazine, Madison City School district includes some of the best teachers, students and staff in the nation. To maintain their top tier status, the Human Resources and Finance departments recognized they needed assistance in streamlining the staffing and on-boarding process.

The LEAN Frog Approach

LEAN Frog assisted the Madison City Schools (MCS) Human Resources and Finance Departments in mapping their current processes. Through this Rapid Improvement Event, LEAN Frog uncovered several challenges including multiple people maintaining multiple databases, duplication of effort with multiple entries and excessive copies, a lack of data and document control and a lack of training on systems such as NextGen and SearchSoft which resulted in failure to fully implement systems.

Utilizing Lean Six Sigma Tools, LEAN Frog analyzed the departments’ work practices and identified process waste and variation. Working shoulder to shoulder with the MCS team, LEAN Frog identified opportunities for improvement and implemented results-based strategies for continuous improvement.


LEAN Frog’s goal was to improve the Human Resources and Finance departments’ work flow. Key results included the following:

  • Eliminated over 50 wasteful process steps
  • Saved 25-30 hours per week through improved efficiencies
  • Optimized NextGen database to serve all users
  • Identified opportunities to streamline the use of SearchSoft

As a result of these work flow improvements, the departments are now prepared to meet future demands with existing personnel as the school system continues to grow.

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