What legacy for your students will you leave behind?

At LEAN Frog, we want to help you make lasting improvements that can be measured and can drive other improvements over time. We want to help you build a culture of continuous improvement leading towards excellence. This means that after assessing opportunities and making improvements, we must build a system for process and performance management in order to leave the saw behind. What do we mean by the saw??? We have all seen organizations where individuals are the catalyst for improvements that eventually erode after the individual leaves or is promoted outside the organization. In time another individual comes along and invests resources to make those same or similar improvements. This cycle of improvement and erosion repeats over and over, with results rising and falling like the teeth of a saw. LEAN Frog helps you build process and performance management systems that continually ascend toward excellence.

How We Do It:

  • Define strategy & focus
  • Create & monitor key performance indicators
  • Develop standardized “best-in-class” procedures across schools & the school system
  • Maintain state & federal compliance & accreditation
  • Deploy a systematic approach for performance & process management focused on cultivating high achievements


We use a unique approach to involve your school system’s stakeholders (i.e. parents, students, civic and business organizations, etc.) in order to receive input regarding key priorities, the traits of successful graduates, metrics for ensuring school system performance, the system’s academic goals, and the prioritization of resource usage.  We facilitate analysis of this input and work with the school system’s Strategic Planning Team to develop and refine the system’s mission, vision, guiding principles and measurable strategic objectives.  Going beyond the creation of high-level strategy, we will continue to work with individual teams across your school system to create detailed deployment plans.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of your school system and to ensure the performance of processes. KPIs are established for each department/function. They should be balanced to give you the most complete understanding of your school system. At a minimum they should include four perspectives: academic performance, financial sustainability, processes, staff and stakeholder engagement. We track the KPIs so opportunities to improve efficiencies and effectiveness can be addressed on a regular basis. These KPIs allow for continual assessment which, in turn, identifies opportunities for improvements which can then be standardized into the LEAN School Management System Procedure Documentation Framework.


We work shoulder to shoulder with your staff to develop, optimize, and standardize procedures in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. These procedures are across all school system functions, at all levels within your school system, and along with KPI monitoring form the bases of our LEAN School Management System Procedure Documentation Framework.

Our unique process and performance management system continually measures the effectiveness and efficiency of your school system. This allows for activities to be adjusted or enhanced in real time to provide maximum impact, ensure alignment with school system strategies and guarantee compliance with state and federal requirements as well as create a foundation for continuous improvement.

Success Story Spotlight

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Huntsville City Schools Logo“LEAN Frog’s recommendation for workflow efficacy and inventory controls have substantially underwritten and increased profitability in the Child Nutrition Program (CNP).  Specifically, the CNP program that essentially broke even (financially) in 2011 is now generating residual funding available for reinvestment into the classroom in amounts exceeding $5,000,000 per annum.” Read the full success story >> Jason W, Taylor, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Huntsville City Schools