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Montgomery Public Schools Logo“The Organization Review is a great first step to improving our accountability and to save millions of dollars that can be redirected to impact students in many positive ways……Lean Frog has a proven track record of helping school systems save money and actually improve productivity by reorganizing departments, implementing improved operational procedures, and using technology to increase workflow. Those saved funds can then be used to add instructional tools and improve the learning environment. That will have a positive impact on student achievement.” Barbara Thompson, Superintendent, Montgomery Public Schools


The Montgomery Public Schools have one focus . . . preparing students for life! To help their students succeed and to improve their school system, MPS realized they needed to maximize their resources.

The LEAN Frog Approach

LEAN Frog conducted an Organizational Review™ (OR) and a Detailed Efficiency Review™ (DER) of the MPS Finance, Human Resources and Operations departments, including the Child Nutrition, Transportation, Maintenance and Custodial areas. These reviews involved conducting detailed analyses of data, interviewing employees, observing work processes as they occurred, reviewing process inputs and outputs in the context of internal and external customer requirements, conducting job work flow analysis, clarifying and defining job roles and using peer group comparisons as appropriate. During the reviews, LEAN Frog identified several opportunities to streamline organizational structure, increase overall organizational accountability and increase efficiency through the reduction of cumbersome, paper and labor-intensive, manual process steps.


Aligned with the district’s commitment to maximizing resources, LEAN Frog helped MPS rapidly implement several assessment recommendations. Key results include the following:

  • MPS captured over $940K of savings within the first four months after the completion of the organizational and efficiency reviews
  • MPS savings represent a 575% return on their LEAN Frog investment
  • Over  $1M of additional annual savings were identified for implementation over the upcoming school year

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