Do you know what opportunities for improvement exist in your school system?

At LEAN Frog, we want to help you find ways to save resources so that you can invest more resources in student achievement. We help you refine your organizational structure in order to improve communication, accountability and strategic execution. We start with either an assessment of departments (Detailed Efficiency Review™) or of the entire school district (Organizational Review). As the first stair in our ASSESS, IMPROVE, SUSTAIN cycle, these assessments provide a critical first look to discover and prioritize efficiency opportunities.

How We Do It:

We understand that school systems do not operate in a vacuum. We take into account the unique internal and external environment in which your school system operates and your school district’s strategic objectives. Our assessments involve the following steps:

  • Data collection & analysis
  • Employee interviews
  • Walk-throughs & on-site observation of processes as they occur
  • Analysis of process waste & variation
  • Local, state & national peer group analysis
  • State & federal monitoring reviews
  • Accreditation reviews
  • Organizational reviews
  • Job/workflow analysis
  • Straightforward presentation of findings & practical recommendations for improvements

We engage your team so while we do the assessments so that they have an understanding of the improvements that can be made and often start making improvements before the assessment is finalized.

Detailed Efficiency Reviews™

A Detailed Efficiency Review™ (DER)  is our “deep dive” into one or more of your departments. This formal review process involves detailed analysis of data provided, interviews with administrators and staff, on-site observation of work processes as they occur, and work flow analysis. We provide commendations along with practical, actionable recommendations to improve efficiencies.

Organizational Reviews™

Our Organizational Review™ (OR) analyzes your district’s organizational structure, communication channels, workflow, and process and performance management systems. Additionally this assessment can review job descriptions and compensation strategies. We provide recommendations for improved organizational and reporting structures to promote greater accuracy, accountability, and workflow.

State & Federal Monitoring Reviews

All schools and school systems are reviewed for state and federal compliance.  Our team can work with your staff to identify areas of improvement and specific actions required to ensure compliance.

Accreditation Reviews

Accrediting agencies review schools and school systems at a minimum of every 5 years.  We have worked with a number of school systems to successfully prepare for system accreditation.  We are well aware of AdvancED SACS accreditation requirements and can help your schools and overall system prepare in advance of the accreditation process.

Success Story Spotlight

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Montgomery Public Schools LogoThe Organization Review is a great first step to improving our accountability and to save millions of dollars that can be redirected to impact students in many positive ways…” Read the full success story >> Barbara Thompson, Former Superintendent, Montgomery Public Schools