Proven Methodology + Innovative Technology = Results that Make a Difference

We understand that school systems have complex, diverse needs and often have limited resources of time, energy, and money to address those needs.

We leverage the combination of our team’s academic and operational public education experience with our proven Lean Six Sigma approaches to increase efficiency and effectiveness to develop solutions for schools’ and school systems’ complex issues. Our LEAN Frog team is unique in that we not only have professionals with detailed expertise in specific areas such as school Operations, Finance, Federal Programs, Human Resources, and Technology, but our team members have also had specialized training on LEAN Frog’s approach and methodology for applying Lean Six Sigma in public schools. We use this in both our consulting services and in the design of simple, engaging, and effective software solutions designed by PK12 professionals who understand the challenges of public education.

Our network of school system partners comes in all shapes and sizes (e.g., rural, urban, and suburban systems; city, county, and combination city-county systems; new, merged, and split school systems; systems with elected and/or appointed superintendents and board members or some combination of both, etc.) with a wide range of funding support. This gives us deep insight into and significant experience with what works to drive academic excellence and strong financial stewardship, as well as how to manage the politics of change.

Our solutions make a difference every day in public schools across the Southeast – from special education to maintenance, from transportation to finance, from discipline tracking to school choice, from communication to fundraising.

Our approach makes the difference. We apply Lean Six Sigma thinking, systems, and tools to help school systems create more value with less effort and fewer resources. Our solutions focus on removing waste and variation. Waste and variation increase the cost of serving students, reduce academic performance, and damage school system culture. As the old Lean adage states, “We see together. We learn together. We do together.” We take this adage to heart. Our solutions and deployment approaches are designed to engage stakeholders to achieve buy in and ensure timely support. Whether we are assessing a department’s performance, facilitating process improvements, or deploying one of our software packages, we cultivate Lean thinking and behaviors.

What Our Clients Are Saying