What Our Clients Are Saying…

LEAN Frog is pleased to have worked with a broad spectrum of public education clients across the Southeast. We are honored to have numerous repeat clients who value our work and refer us to others.

“LEAN Frog has a unique set of skills and deep knowledge of operations that allows them to analyze what we are doing and provide meaningful and results-based solutions. . . We remain very impressed. The depth of understanding by LEAN Frog is incredible. This is the service that education has needed for a long time”

Dr. Mike Daria, Superintendent
Tuscaloosa City Schools (Tuscaloosa, AL)

“LEAN Frog associates have always been extremely professional and focused on our district’s best interest. They have completed many projects for the Oak Ridge Schools, including a one to one device rollout for our students and staff. I would recommend LEAN Frog to anyone looking for systems improvement.”

Dr. Bruce Borchers, Superintendent
Oak Ridge Schools (Oak Ridge, TN)

“LEAN Frog does a phenomenal job with compensation. There is no smoke and mirrors. They give you the facts and they put them in a very clear package, so you can make an informed decision.”

David Alexander, Superintendent
Ascension Public Schools (Donaldsonville, LA)

“In addition to a comprehensive assessment, LEAN Frog provides value-added insight that goes beyond the scope of the assessment.”

Chris Foley, Chief Financial Officer
Tennessee Department of Education (Nashville, TN)

“I have had the privilege of working with LEAN Frog in two separate and distinctively different districts. Without reservation, they are one of the most responsive and customer-service driven organizations that I have had the pleasure to interact with. . . In both districts, LEAN Fog has developed and delivered superior results. They have worked closely with our people, to truly understand the underlying principles of ‘what’ we do and ‘why’; they give great actionable feedback to improve our outcomes.”

Dr. Chris Marczak, Superintendent
Maury County Public Schools (Columbia, TN)

“Their down to earth approach to systems and processes involves the people performing the work which provides buy in from the staff and in turn results in real and positive change … I have been in many school schools and school systems; and have never found another organization that can facilitate major change with measurable results as LEAN Frog has done and is continuing to do for Shelby County Schools. The more incredible aspect of the major changes is the buy in and acceptance of the employees performing the work.”

James M. Miller, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Shelby County Schools (Columbiana, AL)

“I have witnessed LEAN Frog’s work at the ninth largest school system in Alabama and at the state department of education. Their assessments are thorough, detailed, and practical. Their expertise and attention to detail helped ensure we had a clear understanding of opportunities for improvement.”

Andy Craig, Deputy State Superintendent, Division of Administrative & Financial Services
Alabama State Department of Education (Montgomery, AL)

“Our work with LEAN Frog has continually improved our system’s effectiveness and efficiency. Their understanding of instructional and non-instructional requirements, best practices, and practical solutions have been a tremendous help to the formation and implementation of our system’s strategic plan. They have worked shoulder to shoulder with my staff at all levels to ensure improvements are well-understood and sustainable.”

Dr. Susan Patterson, Superintendent
Cullman City Schools (Cullman, AL)

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