Everyone Needs/Deserves a Great Coach

We probably all have a “Greatest Coaches of All Times” list.  Here in the Southeast that list would probably include legendary college coaches like Pat Summit of Tennesse’s Lady Vols and Paul “Bear” Byrant of the Alabama Super Coach Paul Bear BryantCrimson Tide.  These coaches are revered not only for their championships and their winning records, but for their emphasis on hard work, their perseverance and their outstanding examples of leadership.   They helped their players develop and realize goals, perfect the little things, and understand the culture of their respective sports and school programs. The Wizard Pat Summit

Schools need great coaches off the field, track or court as well.  The School Superintendents of Alabama has established an “Executive Coach for New Superintendents” Program.  LEAN Frog is proud to sponsor the 2014-2015 program.  Directed by Executive Coaching Coordinator Kathi Wallace, the program pairs a “new” superintendent with a successful veteran superintendent.  This veteran has received training from Corporate Coach U — a global provider of customized corporate services — to effectively provide focus and guidance on current issues with the “NEW” Superintendents.  SSA has more than twenty veteran Superintendents trained to serve as Executive Coaches.

The Executive Coaching program helps ensure that new superintendents get off to a positive start with the following:

  • Understanding Alabama’s rules and regulations;
  • Accessing statewide resources;
  • Recognizing organizational opportunities;
  • Establishing focused goals;
  • Exploring possibilities;
  • Managing expectations;
  • Crafting strategies;
  • Maintaining integrity;
  • Following through with a plan

LEAN Frog is proud to support the Executive Coaching program because everyone needs a good coach.

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LEAN Frog at the National Conference on Education in the Music City

The National Conference on Education will be held in Nashville, Tennessee February 13-15 at the Nashville Music City Convention Center.  LEAN Frog members will travel up I65 to showcase some of our impressive results we’ve had assisting public school systems in their non-instructional areas such as Transportation, Human Resources, Child Nutrition, Digital 1:1 initiatives, Maintenance and overall District Management.Examples of LEAN Frog Results

Sponsored by the School Superintendent’s Association, the annual National Conference on Education brings together renowned visionaries and successful practitioners to address the most critical topics facing public school educators today.  There’s always a lot of excitement and anticipation about the conference as the Common Core Standards will be a featured topic.  This year’s “Evolve Your Perspective” theme ties nicely with LEAN Frog’s unique ASSESS, IMPROVE, SUSTAIN approach which emphasizes building and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.    We have helped numerous public school districts succeed through increasing the value they deliver students, parents and communities while fully engaging employees and reducing costs.  We look forward to sharing some of these proven case studies with attendees and learning from educational leaders who are committed to improving public education in America.

See you in the Music City and see you at the LEAN Frog booth (#727).

For more information on the National Conference on Education, visit http://nce.aasa.org

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Connect 2014 – Madison State of the City Address, Proudly Sponsored by LEAN Frog

Madison, AL – LEAN Frog Business Solutions, Inc. is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor at Madison’s Premiere Gala Connect 2014 LOGOEvent of the Year:  Connect 2014 – Madison State of the City Address.  This 5th annual event, Connect 2014, will celebrate connections between the City of Madison, regional local governments, area businesses, residents, and those interested in investing and moving into the Madison, AL area. Additionally, this event highlights the importance of education in Madison City.  On Friday, February 7, 2014, Connect2014 will be held “under the Saturn 5 Rocket” in the Davidson Center at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.  The cocktail hour begins at 6:00pm, followed by dinner at 7:00pm.  Madison City Mayor Troy Trulock will deliver his “State of the City” Address afterwards, featuring his “Year in Review” and his vision for 2014 and beyond.  Find out more about Sponsorship opportunities and reservations HERE.

LEAN Frog’s mission is to help public schools succeed through increasing the value they deliver to students, parents and communities while fully engaging employees, reducing costs, and building a spirit of continuous improvement.  As the winner of two prestigious awards in 2013 from the Madison Chamber of Commerce — “Small Business of the Year” Award and the “Excellence in Leadership” Award given to Byron Headrick (President/Co-Founder) –LEAN Frog is honored to support Madison City, the Madison Chamber of Commerce, and Connect 2014 at this prestigious celebratory event!

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DISC Presented to LEADERSHIP Huntsville/Madison County Connect Class 16

Huntsville, AL – Byron Headrick, President and Co-Founder of LEAN Frog Business Solutions, Inc., addressed Class 16 of the “CONNECT Young Professionals” from LEADERSHIP Huntsville/Madison County on Thursday, December 12, 2013, at Randolph School.  As part of a full day of exposure to Education in Madison County and Professional Development, this presentation — hosted by Cassie Scott, Program Director — focused on providing an understanding of workplace behavioral styles, how to identify your most used style, how to identify others most used style, and how to effectively use this knowledge to improve working in teams.  Byron’s presentation, based upon the DISC Theory developed by William Moulton Marston, was entitled “Let’s talk about the I in Teams”.  During his remarks, he explained and encouraged the audience to first define their own behavior according to DISC, and then define the behavior of those with whom they interact.  His presentation elicited many questions, revelations, and comments from the group!

Based upon his study and usage of DISC, Byron defines individuals as:

  • D = tough; competitive; independent; strong-willed (Examples: General Patton, Captain Kirk, Hillary Clinton)
  • I = social; talkative; enthusiastic; encouraging (Examples:  Robin Williams, Bill Clinton, Dr. McCoy)
  • S = calm; trustworthy; family-oriented; good listener (Examples:  Gandhi, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Mr. Sulu)
  • C = precise; disciplined; formal; rule-followers  (Examples:  Einstein, Al Gore, Mr. Spock, Jack Nicholas)

It is important to note that The DISC model is a tool for observing and analyzing behavior – not analyzing an individual’s personality.  The model does not classify people as good or bad, nor measures intelligence.  It does not measure knowledge or skills.  None of the behavioral styles is better or worse than another.

Martson's Model AKA DISCByron acknowledged that evaluating both himself and others has been a powerful tool in both the growth of his company and the expansion of his vision to use LEAN Six Sigma tool sets in non-traditional organizations such as public school systems.  By understanding behavioral styles and adapting approaches to communication, information is shared more accurately and team dynamics can easily bridge the Forming and Storming stages and move quickly to Norming and Performing.

For more information about LEADERSHIP Huntsville/Madison County, go HERE! 

Headquartered in Huntsville, AL, LEAN Frog’s mission is to help public schools succeed through increasing the value they deliver to students, parents and communities while fully engaging employees, reducing costs, and building a spirit of continuous improvement.

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“The Galaxy of Lights” Sponsored by LEAN Frog

Huntsville, Alabama — LEAN Frog celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Huntsville Botanical Gardens through its support of the Galaxy of Lights 2013!

Begun in 1996, the Galaxy of Lights is North Alabama’s favorite holiday tradition, the regions largest winter tourist attraction (125,000 visitors last year) and one of the Top 10 Tourist Events in the state of Alabama.  This

LEAN Frog proudly Sponsors the Galaxy of Lights

LEAN Frog proudly Sponsors the Galaxy of Lights

holiday light extravaganza has 6 miles of luminaries featuring 185 larger-than-life, animated light displays.  See Santa soaring over a delightful winter village; delight in nursery rhyme characters dancing and frolicing among traditional scenes of the season;  Experience the magic of the twinkling icicle forest.  And…be sure to stand in awe as you view the light-bright snowman sponsored by LEAN Frog!

The Galaxy of Lights is the largest fund-raiser of the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and is held from Friday, November 15,  to Tuesday, December 31, 2013. Visitors may enjoy the lighted displays during “Walking Nights”, “Dog Walking Nights”, “Driving Nights”, the “Galaxy of Lights 5K Run”, and the “Galaxy of Lights Fun Run”.

The Huntsville Botanical Gardens has acheived world-class recognition by balancing year-round botanical displays, strong educational programs and specialized research.  The Garden features a unique blending of traditional botanical garden elements, the aesthetic heritage of our region, the conservation of our natural resources, and a forward vision of the future.

For more information about the Galaxy of Lights can be found HERE!

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North Alabama BBB 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics goes to LEAN Frog

Huntsville, Alabama – LEAN Frog is honored and humbled to receive the North Alabama Better Business Bureau’s 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, Small Business Category.  LEAN Frog President and Co-founder LEAN Frog Team Accepts 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace EthicsByron Headrick accepted the award at the 16th Annual Torch Awards for Ethics & 12th Annual Torch Scholarships.  He noted, “This is a very special award for our company. It highlights that our core values are more than words on paper.  It shows that our team is living by our core values and it is being witnessed by our customers and community.”

Candidates for the Better Business Award for Marketplace Ethics are evaluated by an independent prestigious panel of judges from the business and academic community against the following criteria:

  • High ethical standards of behavior toward customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and communities in which they do business
  • Demonstrated ethical practices surrounding their buyer/seller relationship
  • Longstanding history/reputation of ethical practices in the marketplace
  • Marketing, advertising, communications and sales practices which reflect a true representation of what is being offered in the marketplace
  • Acknowledgement of ethical marketplace practices by industry peers in the communities where they do business
  • Ethics policies that are designed to give long-term value to shareholders, customers, etc.
  • Training programs that assist employees in carrying out established ethics policies

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At LEAN Frog, we help public schools succeed through increasing the value they deliver to students, parents and communities while fully engaging employees, reducing costs, and building a spirit of continuous improvement.  We are guided by 5 core values…. Learn more here.

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LEAN Frog Enters Tennessee Public Education Market

LEAN Frog Attends TSBA Conference

Dave Knowles and Miranda Summer, LEAN Frog Team Members at the TSBA Conference

Nashville, TN – LEAN Frog supported the Tennessee School Boards Association’s (TSBA) 76th Leadership Conference and Annual Convention November 8-11, 2013 in Nashville.  The purpose of the convention was to share best practices, discuss changes in public education and explore ways to improve Tennessee public schools.  LEAN Frog President and Founder Byron Headrick shared information about LEAN Frog’s unique ASSESS, IMPROVE, SUSTAIN cycle to ascend to greater and greater heights of performance in non-instructional operations.  (Click here for a copy of the Learning Lounge slides – Driving Efficiency in Non-Instructional Operations.)  The LEAN Frog exhibit booth featured information about the Free LEAN Opportunity Readiness Assessment (LORA), which helps school districts identify opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  The 1980s arcade game Frogger was a big hit as TSBA attendees competed for prizes and bragging rights.  Winners included:

  • 1st Place “Big Frog Winner”: Greg Dawson, Board Member, Sequatchie County Schools (Score: 12,590)
  • 2nd Place “Medium Frog Winner”: Warren Douglas, Board Member, Lake County School System (Score: 6,690)
  • 3rd Place “Small Frog Winner”: Kim Cravens, Board Member, Putnam County School System (Score: 4,100)

Ken Johnson, Board Member at Cooke County Schools, won an “Efficient Hot Beverage System” in a drawing that included all booth visitors.

The TSBA Convention marked LEAN Frog’s first entry into the Tennessee public school system market.   The LEAN Frog team is excited about the prospect of working with Tennessee school districts and congratulates Tennessee for being named the fastest-improving state in academic growth.

Headquartered in Huntsville, Ala. LEAN Frog’s mission is to help public schools succeed through increasing the value they deliver to students, parents and communities while fully engaging employees, reducing costs, and building a spirit of continuous improvement.

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LEAN Frog Wins Top Two Awards at the Madison Chamber of Commerce 2013 Small Business Awards Celebration

Madison, Alabama (October 17, 2013) – LEAN Frog Business Solutions, Inc. was honored with two prestigious awards at the Annual Small Business Awards Ceremony hosted by the Madison Chamber of Commerce. LEAN Frog won the 2013 Small Business of the Year Award and Byron Headrick, Founder and President, won the “Excellence in Leadership & Service” Award.


“We strive to be good stewards of each other, our customers, and our community – and what a community it is – The Madison business community represents innovative companies that demonstrate unparalleled community service. It is an honor and a privilege to be recognized among our peers with these notable awards,” said Byron Headrick, Founder and President. “On behalf of the LEAN Frog team and myself, I want to humbly thank the Madison City Chamber and members for this recognition.”

As stated by Leigh Thigpen, Events, Marketing, and Communications Coordinator for the Madison Chamber of Commerce: “Since inception, the Madison Chamber of Commerce has saluted excellence in business. We have especially recognized gutsy local entrepreneurs who started from scratch to create successful businesses that shape our economy.“

A team of independent judges scored the entrees without knowing the names of the nominated companies or the individuals. The independent scores were combined to select the top three finalists. A winner was then chosen from that auspicious group. The ceremony took place at the Jackson Center located in Huntsville, Alabama on October 17th at 7:00PM.

About LEAN Frog Business Solutions, Inc.
LEAN Frog began in 2009, during a recession, when Byron Headrick willingly left his position at a local Fortune 200 company to build a unique LEAN Six Sigma Consulting Business. At first, the business was primarily Byron working as an independent contractor for local manufacturing companies. With great deliberation, Byron made the decision to cancel those contracts and build a multi-consultant firm applying LEAN techniques across a variety of business types.

As need and opportunity arose, LEAN Frog refocused its business and now works primarily in the Education field, helping public school systems improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their non-instructional operations. The majority of LEAN Frog’s work to date has been conducted in over 15 of Alabama’s school districts (over 10%). This work has resulted in identifying over $84 million in savings opportunities among all client school systems and achieving over $17 million in savings over the last 24 months. In late 2013, LEAN Frog expanded operations outside the state of Alabama by being accepted as a Business Partner to the Tennessee School Board Association and the Tennessee Association of School Business Officers.

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Leaping for REAP

LEAN Frog — through the efforts of employee Dave Knowles — directly supported the recent fund-raising event of the Rotary Club of Greater Huntsville called “The Rotary FAIR”!

Dave volunteered to handle the food arrangements for this Rotary major fund-raising event, and as fate would have it through a series of unforeseen incidents, Dave became the active chair of the event working directly with Mary Grace Evans, the President of the Rotary Club of Greater Huntsville.

The Rotary FAIR was held on Saturday, 1 June 2013, from 6:30 pm to 10:00pm.  The event raised $6,500 for the Rotary Educational Assistance Program (REAP).  REAP is a15 year old community outreach program that works directly with several Madison County schools in identifying and assisting students that have significant issues that prevent them from achieving success in school.

Dave received the following compliment for his leadership in the Rotary Fair:

“Thank you so very much for the role that you played.  Without you, this event would have never taken place.  You stepped in … and carried the full weight to bring the Fair to fruition.”  – Mary Grace Evans, Redstone Federal Credit Union, Assistant Vice President Community Relations

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Best Places to Work Winners

— Twelve companies and individual winners were honored on May 15 at the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Best Places to Work Celebration.

“Despite facing numerous challenges locally while dealing with a still-recovering economy, our business community still continued to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading places to launch, sustain and grow a business,” Kim Lewis, the Chamber’s vice chair of Small Business and Events said.

Once nominated, Quantum – a company that specializes in measuring workplace satisfaction around the country – administered a survey to employees and tabulated the results. Winners were based exclusively on the outcome of the employee surveys.

LEAN Frog was proud to be nominated in the Micro Business (10-25 Employee) Category; we were more proud that our team member, Chasitie White, received the Best Places To Work Most Valued Employee Award.

Several employees nominated Chasitie anonymously during the survey.  Chasitie White was the first LEAN Frog employee hired and she serves as the company’s Chief of Staff as well as a Lead LEAN Consultant.  Her work in developing and administering our benefits package for attracting and retaining our employees is done with professionalism, acuity and a “caring heart”.  Her growth in the areas of LEAN Six Sigma — coupled with her extensive knowledge of HR, her mastery of industry-specific software programs and her intense interest in helping our clients be more efficient — has resulted in the expanding of LEAN Frog’s business opportunities and the growth of our satisfied client base.  Chasitie is a both a good “listener” and an excellent “doer” who exemplifies the detailed work for which LEAN Frog has become recognized.

Congratulations and thank you for all your outstanding effort, Chasitie!

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