INNOVATIVE and AMAZING Alabama Entries for Tri-State K-12 Best Practices Contest

Are you ready for some positive, uplifting news about Alabama public education?

Want to hear about some OUTSTANDING instructional and non-instructional practices that benefit children?

Well the Alabama entries for the “Tri-State Best K-12 Practices”* contest deliver just that.   This year in Alabama, many INNOVATIVE and AMAZING entries were submitted for the Contest!  The number of entries received increased dramatically and the quality was dazzling.  Also, as in the past, several school systems, submitted multiple entries!

This year’s Best Practice entries covered timely and important issues such as the following:

  • Offering new educational opportunities based on the needs of students and their families.
  • Creating programs and organizing entire schools to promote sustainable project based learning.
  • Providing skills, certifications, and job experiences in technical fields;
  • Using survey and assessment data to design programs and practices to better support students’ academic performance and social development
  • Developing detailed outreach plans to encourage and support students in state and national competitions.
  • Designing structures to align activities system-wide to support the school system’s mission and motto.
  • Re-focusing schools’ organizational/administrative structure and physical environment to enhance student experiences during the school year and over the summer in creative and innovative academic activities.
  • Establishing practices to provide more collaboration time for teachers
  • Using social media to celebrate students and staff, promote activities, and increase transparency.
  • Advancing unique professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Creating programs and practices to address problems such as the summer slide and lack of employment opportunities for students.
  • Ensuring that all students have opportunity to have a nutritious breakfast.

Stay tuned for MORE GOOD NEWS about Alabama as LEAN Frog announces the Finalists for the Alabama portion of the contest at the AASB 2017 Annual Convention Awards Luncheon on Friday, December 8, 2017 in Birmingham!   The two finalists receive $1000.00 and will be eligible for the $4000 grand prize award!


Note: The Tennessee and Louisiana entry acceptance periods are still open.  Tennessee entrance period ends January 23 and Louisiana entrance period ends February 19. We are expecting Innovative and Amazing entries from you as well.  Click here for brainstorming tips on identifying best practices. Click here for posts on previous winners.


* LEAN Frog sponsors the Tri-State Best K-12 Practices Contest for Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana public schools in association with the Alabama Association of School Boards (AASB), the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS), and the Louisiana Association of School Executives/Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASE/LASS)  LEAN Frog established the contest to give back to public schools and to promote creative and sustainable practices that impact student achievement and encourage the effective and efficient use of public resources.  Started in Alabama in 2014, expanded into Tennessee in 2016 and into Louisiana this year, winners receive public recognition and a cash prize for their successful entries. We will feature a series of posts on the Alabama finalists, followed by Tennessee and Louisiana finalists respectively.