At LEAN Frog, we help public schools succeed through increasing the value they deliver to students, parents and communities while fully engaging employees, reducing costs, and building a spirit of continuous improvement.

Our success is rooted in our five company values that guide everything we do:

  1. We are stewards of each other, our customers and others. We do our utmost to make each other, our customers and all others successful. At LEAN Frog, we honor our commitments, we act ethically with all stakeholders and we pursue win-win situations.
  2. We Live to Learn. At its core, LEAN Frog sells knowledge. Our highly talented and innovative team members seek to continually grow and develop knowledge in order to stay current and provide the most value to our clients.
  3. We Lead by EXAMPLE. LEAN Frog clients pay us to help them become more efficient and effective through the creation of systematic business processes and to help guide and coach their organizations as they adopt newly created processes to help the new processes become “the way” business is done. We apply the same systematic approach to our company.
  4. We Pursue Perfection in EVERYTHING we do. “Good enough” never enters our minds. At LEAN Frog, we strive to develop new processes and better ways for both our clients and for our own company.
  5. We strive to ALWAYS Exceed Expectations. It isn’t always easy to know what people expect. Often clients are used to settling for what they get. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and ask the question “What would really be great if we could have everything that we need?” We recognize that this is as much a question about relationships as it is s a technical question. At LEAN Frog, we not only meet the technical needs of our customers, we build partnerships with schools, school boards and communities.