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Lean Frog has developed the proprietary  LEAN Opportunity Readiness Assessment ® (LORA) tool to quickly understand opportunities that may exist within a school district.

How it Works: A school district identifies three non-instructional departments* to access.  You will receive an electronic questionnaire on each department along with a general information questionnaire.  After receiving the completed questionnaires, Lean Frog reviews and analyzes  the provided data. Next we schedule a 45 -60 minute interview with each department director and/or staff members. These discussions focus on questions that provide insight into processes within the school district.  More data may be requested based on the interviews.  Lean Frog  will then analyze all data provided, conduct our proprietary Process and Performance Management (PPM) Maturity Level Assessment™ and Organizational Change Readiness (OCR) Level Assessment™, and develop a detailed report of findings outlining both commendations and potential opportunities for improvement.

Recommended non-instructional departments:


  • Nutrition
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology


  • Operations
  • Transportation
  • Pupil Services
  • Health Services
  • Maintenance/Facilities


The LEAN Frog free LORA has identified over $15 million in savings for 46 school districts.


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