LEAN Frog has worked with more than 60 public school systems to assess non-instructional areas, find opportunities, recommend innovative solutions, and develop standardized processes and customized software systems that promote efficiency, effectiveness, and continuous improvement. Our collaboration with these public school systems has resulted in the identification of $84 million in cost savings opportunities and the “capture” of over $20 million in savings.

Tuscaloosa City Schools“We remain very impressed.  The depth of understanding by LEAN Frog is incredible. This is the service that education has needed for a long time.”  Dr. Mike Daria, Superintendent, Tuscaloosa City Schools

MCPS logo“I have had the privilege of working with LEAN Frog in two separate and distinctively different districts. Without reservation, they are one of the most responsive and customer-service driven organizations that I have had the pleasure to interact with. . . In both districts, LEAN Frog has developed and delivered superior results. They have worked closely with our people, to truly understand the underlying principles of “what” we do and “why”; they give great actionable feedback to improve our outcomes.”  Dr. Chris Marczak, Director of Schools, Maury County Public Schools

Madison City Schools Logo“LEAN Frog’s Value Stream Mapping process has allowed Madison City Schools to improve communication, teamwork, and productivity by streamlining our hiring process and created new excitement in the way we do things! They teach you techniques needed to be successful along the way. Great product and an even greater investment!” John Jones, Personnel & Title IX Coordinator, Madison City Schools

Huntsville City Schools Logo“LEAN Frog’s recommendation for workflow efficacy and inventory controls have substantially underwritten and increased profitability in the Child Nutrition Program (CNP).  Specifically, the CNP program that essentially broke even (financially) in 2011 is now generating residual funding available for reinvestment into the classroom in amounts exceeding $5,000,000 per annum.” Jason W. Taylor, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Huntsville City Schools

logo“Every commitment LEAN Frog has made to us has been met, on time and as said. They not only preach processes, they have very strong internal processes themselves.” Martha Peek, Superintendent, Mobile County Public Schools

Chambers“Working with LEAN Frog was a joy from beginning to end.  Their staff was easy to work with and provided us with valuable information.  Our CNP program has been overjoyed with the benefits of working with Byron in the areas of productivity, process, and profits.” Dr. Kelli Hodge, Superintendent, Chambers County School District

phenixcitylogo“After the LORA was conducted, the representatives were candid and honest in their assessments and conclusions. I was very impressed, surprised, and appreciative that in 99% of the areas that were examined, an additional comprehensive assessment WAS NOT recommended. They only recommended it where cost savings was a high probability. The integrity I witnessed was refreshing!” Dr. Larry DiChiara, former Superintendent, Phenix City School District

Lawrence County Logo“I was thrilled with the knowledge that Byron and his team brought to work with our business office. They were able to ‘help us to find’ several redundancies and unneeded steps. We feel that our business office will be significantly more efficient once these process steps are completely implemented.” Heath Grimes, former Superintendent, Lawrence County Schools

untitled“Their down to earth approach to systems and processes involves the people performing the work which provides buy in from the staff and in turn results in real and positive change … I have been in many school schools and school systems; and , have never found another organization that can facilitate major change with measurable results as LEAN Frog has done and is continuing to do for Shelby County Schools. The more incredible aspect of the major changes is the buy in and acceptance of the employees performing the work.” James M. Miller, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Shelby County Schools

Montgomery Public Schools Logo“The Organization Review is a great first step to improving our accountability and to save millions of dollars that can be redirected to impact students in many positive ways… LEAN Frog has a proven track record of helping school systems save money and actually improve productivity by reorganizing departments, implementing improved operational procedures, and using technology to increase workflow. Those saved funds can then be used to add instructional tools and improve the learning environment. That will have a positive impact on student achievement.” Barbara Thompson, former Superintendent, Montgomery Public Schools