Introducing BLOOM – A Digital Behavioral Learning and Discipline Management Solution

LEAN Frog Digital, LLC, a leading digital solutions provider for public schools, is excited to announce the launch of BLOOM – a web-based application that lets you easily monitor overall student behavior and responses.

“BLOOM is a tremendous tool and we are excited to make it available for all school systems,” said co-founder Byron Headrick of LEAN Frog Digital. “This is a tool that will track student discipline and behavior while standardizing workflow and ensuring data integrity.”

School systems can use BLOOM to provide teachers with holistic, individualized student profiles. This ensures that each student is given the highest quality, personalized attention from school systems.BLOOM

“BLOOM is an innovative behavioral learning platform. BLOOM provides the flexibility for school systems to use their own conduct standards, provides a seamless and automated workflow for proactive monitoring, managing, reporting, and standardizing behavior tracking across the school system or at individual schools,” said co-founder and President Bill Johnson of LEAN Frog Digital, LLC. “We continue to enhance BLOOM by focusing on the needs of our customers and partners.”

Using BLOOM will allow teachers and administrators to quickly and easily identify behavioral trends, and provide positive behavior intervention support. BLOOM is tailored to fit individual schools and staffs, and is secure and accessible via your school systems’ network.

For more information about BLOOM, a free demonstration or information on pricing, visit our website at The LEAN Frog Digital LLC team can be reached by calling 877-799-532 or by email at

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