Introducing LEAN Frog Digital

HUNTSVILLE, ALA. (November 29, 2016) – LEAN Frog Business Solutions, a leading continuous improvement solutions provider for public schools, is excited to announce the launch of LEAN Frog Digital, LLC to provide digital solutions for school systems focused on increasing value for students, parents, teachers and communities.LF Digital Logo

“Everything we do always comes back to helping students achieve excellence,” said co-founder Byron Headrick of LEAN Frog Digital, LLC. “Technology is and will continue to be an integral part of education moving forward. We’re excited to help school systems embrace that reality with efficient and effective digital solutions. LEAN Frog Digital will help school systems realize cost savings and efficiencies in back office and administrative software, make the right software investments – whether it’s off-the-shelf or custom, and integrate instructional technology into the classroom.”

LEAN Frog Digital helps school systems unlock the full potential and benefits of instructional technology – from more interactive and immersive learning to increased student engagement and participation. Moreover, LEAN Frog Digital helps school systems get the most return on investments for school systems in a time of scarce funding and budget cuts.

“We are going to drive major changes in the way public education utilizes technology. LEAN Frog has established itself as the leader in Lean Six Sigma-based process improvement.” said co-founder and President Bill Johnson of LEAN Frog Digital, LLC. “LEAN Frog Digital will expand upon their success by deploying efficient, cost-effective and impactful digital solutions.”

For more information about LEAN Frog Digital and how we can benefit your school system, visit or contact us at or 877-799-5327.

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